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Submitted by: David Davis of HP Komics

David's comments: I liked this guy. Sorry it was late!
My comments: From MAX's July B, 2008 round.

Submitted by: Odd

Odd's comments: Ian and King Pok. Sorry it's late!!!
My comments: This was another one from MAX, this time from the May B, 2008 round.

Submitted by: jdcena

jdecna's comments: Thanks for letting me do a comic 4 u... hope u like!!!
My comments: Fellow CMC player, jdcena, made this for me when he found out my tablet wasn't working.

Submitted by: A Twu

A Twu's comments: Some of TACOMF's main characters lounging around. (magnified 100,000x)
My comments: This was drawn for me when I participated in the "September A" round of ComicDish's MAX fanart exchange program. I'll have to participate again soon!

Submitted by: Josh Huf of Vikodin
Art001 Josh Huf's comments:If you don't mind, I took the time to do you up a guest strip.  Not as detailed as I'd've liked, but I hope its still ok. It was pretty fun to draw someone elses characters for a change.
My comments: After e-mailing each other back and forth about comic author stuff, Josh decided to draw me this. I drew him a doodle first, but now I need to draw him some real fan art since this is so awesome.

"Submitted by: Matt
Art001 Matt's comments: It was 2:30AM, and I was bored. Not much else to say.
My comments: If that conversation went around in any more circles there would be a cyclone.

Submitted by: Matt
Art001 Matt's comments: Juelle, Ashleigh, and I were bored at lunch. So we decided to break out the chalk, and advertise a little TACOMF. Why? Who knows.
My comments: Yay for vandalism in the name of advertising!

Submitted by: Matt
Matt's comments: I'm not too sure what made me make this. Perhaps it was that dream I had. The one where King Pok steals my iPod, and forces me to wrestle Flab for it back... Alright... That never happened. But I do wish I could wrestle flab. ;)
My comments: Matt submitted three different sizes for this desktop wallpaper/iPod parody. The links are on the left.

Submitted by: Ferguson of Out of the Loops
Art001 Ferguson's comments: Merry Christmas everyone!
My comments: Looks like King Pok forgot he was supposed to be the designated driver. This one was from a Secret Santa for only Comic Genesis-hosted comics.

Submitted by: Doublemint of The Best and the Brightest
Art001 Doublemint's comments: Hello Mr. Torchia! Merry Christmas! I hope this season finds you well. My name's Doublemint and I'm your Secret Santa. Attached is my gift for you. I hope you find it funny (and not disturbing).
My comments: Mmm... genocide. This was a gift from Doublemint, as he was my Secret Santa for The Webcomic Secret Santa.

Submitted by: Josh H of Vikodin
Art001 Josh H's comments: You've already got a few Poks ... I decided to change it up.  The ever nefarious Wawa and co.
My comments: I like the armband around the crossbones. Nice touch.

Submitted by: Elo
Art001 Elo's comments: It's Pok, can anyone puhhhhhhhhhhhhlease help him find the "on" switch?
My comments: MS Paint for the win!

Submitted by: Matt
Art001 Matt's comments: Gangsta Pok. Not much else to say...
My comments: It's 2-Pok! Dig the tattoos.
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