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Bonus Art

Art001 This is a big ass tree. I mean super big. It's based on Norse Mythology and stuff.

"Eat Tuna"
Art001 This seemed funny at the time, but I don't remember why. I didn't shade it because I'm a lazy dick. Warning: boobs.

Art001 This is another response to fan mail from Josh Huf of Vikodin. Go check out his comic, too.

This is a small doodle for someone who sent me fan mail.

"Ninja Girl"
Art001 I wanted to try a totally different style than usual, and this is the result. I'm still not sure if I like it or not, but it was a learning experience.

Art001 One of the first things I drew with my new tablet. I have no idea why there is smoke or steam or whatever coming from his head, I just thought it looked neat and went with it.

"Goth Chick"
Art001 One day my girlfriend asked me to draw her "a hot goth chick", so I did.

"King Pok - Happy Halloween"
Art001 King Pok with a pumpkin for a head, just in time for Halloween!

Art001 On the Comic Genesis messageboards there is a thread in which people draw pictures of naked characters. This was made as a joke for said thread.
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