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About the Author
Name: Jason Torchia
Birthday: 02/24/89
Hair: Dark Brown (nearly black)
Eyes: Green/grey
[Picture coming soon]
Because the image disturbs me, I'm going to skip my conception and go straight to my birth. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where I can only assume I was dropped on my head. In my entire life, I've met plenty of people who have moved from Winnipeg, but I've never heard of anyone moving to Winnipeg on purpose. Maybe it's cursed. Shortly after that, my parents and I moved to Toronto, Ontario. When I was two years old, my brother was born. We got along when we were younger, but now he hates me because when I was born I left all my flaws in the womb and he picked them up. Some boring stuff that I don't remember happened, and then we moved to Montreal, Quebec. I attended kindergarten in French-immersion, because in Quebec your only real choices are French or French-immersion because they're screwy like that. I never learned French though. From there, I moved to St. Albert, Alberta. Life went on, blah blah, then my parents divorced and I moved to Edmonton with my mom. My dad stayed in St. Albert which is really just a small tumor hanging off of Edmonton anyway, so I still get to see him. Currently, I'm still in Edmonton, living in my mother's basement because that's how cool I am. I'm in my last year of high school, and I have no friends, but I do have a girlfriend (sorry ladies) of over two years who is hot and could beat you up.

Recently (June 2007), I graduated from High School at Harry Ainlay which is awesome because nobody likes school. Also, nobody likes me either so the people still at that school are pretty stoked, too. My comic was on hiatus near the end of the school year, but I'm back now because school is done forever until I go to the Art Institute of Vancouver like I plan to. I'm probably going to look into animation and/or graphic design. First, however, I'm taking a year off to unwind and also to work my ass off so I can afford to go to that school.

Even more recently (April, 2008), I'm still taking a break before I start school again. My girlfriend and I broke up, but we're still friends which is awesome. (That's right. Girls in Edmonton, shoot me an e-mail. ) I took some time off of the comic due to lack of interest, time, and technical difficulties, but came back with sporadic updates for everyone! Hooray!

I can't write anymore because the rest of my life hasn't happened yet, but if it does I'll let you know.

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